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Spare parts catalogues

Any spare parts catalogue is an organized collection of technical data underlying the supply chain (logistics management) required for maintenance and repair of any industrial product.

The main technical data contained in these catalogues refer to  the coding, the number, the layout, the position, the assembly / disassembly logic for the set of spare parts used to repair or replace defective or worn components of any product.


T.D.Design SRL provides spare parts catalogues in printed format, electronic format or online for any industrial product.

To improve the efficiency of spare parts catalogues designed ​​by T.D.Design SRL , we pursue the following three outcomes:

1. Reducing downtimes of defective or in maintenance machines or equipment;
2. Accuracy and ease in the preparation of spare parts orders to the manufacturers;
3. Customer satisfaction for post-sale services offered by the manufacturer.


For the elaboration of the spare parts catalogues, T.D.Design SRL is working closely with the technical service of the manufacturer to provide accurate and understandable information for staff with low technical training. If the spare parts catalogue is also made available online in electronic format, the spare parts can be ordered directly from the application interface, avoiding thus wrong orders and reducing the duration of the order - delivery process.

On request, T.D.Design SRL offers the possibility of outsourcing the entire process of design, translation, production and distribution of the entire documentation pre - post sale.