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Technical manuals

T.D.Design SRL provides technical manuals necessary to industry such as: service or repair manuals; product technical manuals; manuals or techincal slides necessary for training courses; technical notes for production workshops; manual of assembly/disassembly and technical inspection; manufacturer manuals; online technical documentation; Software manuals; hardware troubleshooting manuals.


The documentation prepared by T.D.Design SRL shall respect for:
- Machinery and equipment, the regulations of the Machinery Directive 2006/42/EC, transposed into the Romanian legislation by the HG no.1029/2008;
- Electrical products and equipment, the regulations of the Low Voltage Directive 2006/95/EC, transposed into the Romanian legislation by the HG no. 457/2003, republished.


Our company can pepare  the entire technical documentation pre/post-sale:

- Design and development of new products at the prototype level, according to customer’s requirements;
- Technical execution documentation (prototype/series);
- Verification of design and construction risks according to EHSR (Essential Health and Safety Requirements);
- Instructions for assembly;
- Technical file of the machine (the Technical book of the machine):

- Description, overall plan with explanations, testing results, certificates, standards;
- The risk assessment documentation;
- Instructions for use in the original language and translated into the trading languages;
- CE Declaration of Conformity;

- Service and maintenance manuals;
- Spare Parts Catalogues;
- Technical documentation for training of operators; Training support;
- Catalogues and technical documents useful for commercialization;
- Advertising materials, posters, banners, brand, visual identity and logo.


T.D.Design SRL offers high quality technical documentations, extremely useful to the operators or to the maintenance personnel by reducing the manufacturing costs and, at the same time, brings further satisfaction to the buyer.